The Woman to Woman Foundation strengthens the organisation of women in conflict regions by collaborating with women’s organisations and supporting their work to promote women’s rights and peace.

The internal control of budgets for financial reporting relating to donors is incredibly simple compared to our previous… Show all

Leila Orre, Chief Financial Officer

Kvinna till Kvinna

ILAC is a not for profit consortium of over 50 membership organisations who play an important role in supporting countries emerging from conflict.

As an international network of over 50 member organisations from around the world we work constantly with new projects a… (Show all – this link not working will have to retrieve)

Olof Sjögren, Finance Controller

International Legal Assistance Consortium

CURE is a non-profit organisation that operates charitable hospitals and programs in 29 countries worldwide where patients experience the life-changing message of God’s love for them, receiving surgical treatment regardless of gender, religion, or ethnicity.

Xledger is a fantastic partner for us. We have immediate visibility into our data, allowing for faster analysis and a much stronger basis for quality decisions. The miniscule bandwidth requirements allow us to function seamlessly across the globe, even in the developing world. All of these factors have resulted in our saving time and money. We are also pleased with the level of service, far exceeding our expectations from experience with other ERP vendors. I would highly recommend Xledger!

(Mark Knecht, Chief Financial Officer)

Cure International