Williams Woodward Limited is an independent consultancy with a proven track record in providing project management and consulting services for UK and international businesses in a variety of market sectors.

“The power of cloud-based systems such as Xledger is already widely recognised allowing companies, including ourselves, to have access to current financial and business information 24/7 – rather like walking around with your latest balance sheet in your pocket.”

Managing Director at williamswoodward


Swindon College offers the widest range of full-time courses in the area with a mix of learning and training; preparing students both for employment and for university study. Swindon College’s success rates have risen significantly over the last four years and we were awarded Grade 1 Outstanding status by Ofsted in 2013.

Swindon College have approximately 8,500 Further Education (FE) students (including 800 Apprentices) and 500 Higher Education Further & Higher Education at Swindon College.

Swindon College