I’m the Operations Director at Xledger, having been in this role for over 4 years now, joining the firm in its infancy in the UK in 2013.  I came across from Agresso, Unit 4 a well-known cloud ERP provider – along with one of the original architects and others including Jarle Sky our founder.  I head up the team of consultants and project managers and support Sales and Marketing where needed. I work in the presales environment and onboarding from needs and ambitions workshops where we gather requirements, through to onboarding and development and upgrades management. We are a global team and we work together across USA, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the UK.  One of our current challenges is developing the International brand.



I have over 30 years’ experience in the industry as Ops Director and have a great rapport with clients providing end to end consultative support.  At Xledger we are a small and personal team and provide close tie relationships with clients from workshops through to loyal clients.



I studied Mathematics at Oxford University and was heavily into rowing while I was there!


Xledger Fact

I love to spend time with my family.  Recently I walked a pilgrammage across northern Spain covering over 100km with friends, I love to explore the outdoors.

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