I am an energetic and passionate person, who enjoys meeting and helping people, which are the main reasons that I have enjoyed working in sales for many years! I have been a part of the Xledger UK team for just over 12 months, and it is great to be a part of helping the UK market learn more about Xledger. We have a great team here in the UK, but we also work very closely with our colleagues in Norway, Sweden and the US. This is a really exciting part of working at Xledger.


My role is to help organisations evaluate Xledger to see if it is the right finance system for them. I love this because of my natural interest in Business, Finance and helping people. I have worked with software and information since 2000 (yes I am starting to feel old some days!) in a variety of industries. I have helped people and companies get the best from software by ensuring it is integrated with their business processes.

Xledger has been a success internationally for over 10 years, and so we are fairly new in the UK, but we are winning more and more customers and fans. I really enjoy helping finance departments understand the efficiencies that Xledger can bring to their everyday tasks. Watching the AP clerk’s face when they see Xledger reading and coding their purchase invoices in real time, and then matching them up with the purchase req is always fun. I also look after some of our existing customers, and help them ensure that Xledger stays fit for purpose as their business evolves.

Indeed, this is an important part of the Xledger service. Our project managers ensure that regular benefit reviews are carried out, where they help our Xledger customers review the benefits that the system was purchased to realise, and ensuring that best use of our regular upgrades is made. Xledger is a great company to work for as we care for our Customers and our staff really well. Our Norwegian owners have strong values that support this, and this an important part of the Xledger customer experience as well.


A degree in Economics and a mixture of Software Sales, Account Management, Worked for Experian & Equifax for 10 years.

Xledger Fact

When I am not working I firstly love to spend time with my family and friends. My second passion is cycling and I am constantly exploring ways of combining all 3!

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